Bowels Out

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Bowels Out formed in Febuary,2002 with Ivan Cordero on guitar/Vocals, J. Twisted on Bass /Vocals and a crazy dude named Danny on Drums, in El Paso,TX. The three released thier first demo, "BONG HITS AND VOMIT BITS" in 2003.The demo got good reviews but, Fell short of what the band wanted. Shortly after, in January of 2003 Danny was replaced by an ultra sik drummer who called himself Pancake. This only added more speed and diversity to the band. In October of 2003, In an attempt to destroy the band, Ivan Cordero left And was quickly replaced by Adrian Steaksauce.The trio Later recorded "REMNANTS OF GUTTED BOWELS" in Febuary of 2004.The Demo recieved very good reviews. Shortly after Chris "gimp" Perez was added as a second guitarrist. Small Tours Followed. In Febuary of 2005, Bowels out signed with canadien lable, Civilian Death Network Records (CDN RECORDS). A 2005 Tour Started in March of 2005. Bowels out toured 18 U.S. cities on the "Mutilation of Decrypted Bowels" tour With Indiana natives Decrypt.This tour helped the band gain more fans as they spread their sinature brand of Texas Death Metal (TXDM) which, they describe as BLASTING GUTTERAL SICKNESS (BGS) Currently the band are working on their debut album which will be out in late summer / early fall of 2005. The current line-up is: J. Twisted - Lead Vocals, Joseph Pancake - Blasting Beats, Chris " The Gimp " Perez - Lead Guitar / Low End Growels, Adrian " Blanka " Jimenez " - Guitar. Bowels Out have shared the stage with: Kalibas, Pigflesh, Obeisance, Noisear, Manias, Victimas, Summon, Dopehead, Slowgrind, Excommunion, Anal Blast, Incenerate, Ezra, Dark End Down, Bongzilla, All That Remains, Incantation, Exhumed, Impaled, All Shall Perish, Gored,Victimas, Meat Shits, Sceptic devourement, Skinned, Today Is The Day, Goratory, Watch Them Die, Decrypt, Oil Drm Casket, , Infliction, Miget Parade, Plague Bringer, Sublime cadaveric Decomposition, Dirtnap, Noctuary, and Severed Saviour.